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Service Vision

Equipment Installation

If you want, Eurocrane will provide the integral erection for your cranes to ensure your cranes start running normally. Upon installation, we will give an overall commissioning to the equipment and a check to the operation, and offer you a report on installation, operation and test data. Meanwhile, we can also provide professional training for your operators and maintenance personnel. Our professional project management teams, rich on-site construction experience, strict quality control and complete installation inspection and acceptance services will reassure you.


Users are prone to seeking for emergency maintenance when the equipment goes wrong, or even breaks down, which, therefore, causes immense idleness expense and even affects production and delivery. Eurocrane provides preventive maintenance services to keep the equipment in good condition, minimizing fault rates, reducing downtime, lower sudden failure and breakdown loss, and thus cutting down operation cost, prolonging service lives, improving utilization rates and effectively control operation cost.


Emergency Maintenance

Cranes are an important link in conveying production materials. Crane failure will cause immense idleness expense, even seriously affect production and delivery. When your crane has a fault, please feel free to contact our service center. With our service vehicles equipped with professional maintenance tools and engineers, we will give you timely services to compete maintenance tasks of your crane as soon as possible.


“Making the customer's desires and worries of our own”, Eurocrane has established complete service outlets nationwide. The service engineering assigned to main areas and cities will make responses in the first place to go to the site for services as soon as the customer needs help.

Intelligent Upgrading

In case your production lines need to change, your workshop functions are to alter, your systems require upgrading, the requirements for the technical parameters of your cranes change, your cranes fail to pass the annual inspection, your plants relocate, or the laws and regulations of special equipment have changed to require recertification for the equipment, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Why Do the Original Cranes Need Intelligent Upgrading?

1. To improve the lifting operability;

2. To transform them to meet the needs of current production;

3. To conform to new industry or safety standards;

4. To prevent frequent faults;

5. To cut costs to avoid buying new cranes;

6. To avoid the inconvenience of buying spare parts for too old models;

7. To reduce the energy consumption of the equipment.

Eurocrane Intelligent Reconstruction Programs


    Safety Monitoring System Upgrading


    Energy-saving Reconstruction and Upgrading


    Equipment Maintenance Management System Upgrading


    Automatic Control System Upgrading

  1. Contents: safety monitoring upgrading; anti-slanting system upgrading

    Advantages: meeting national mandatory policy requirements; gaining real-time understanding of the operating conditions of a crane; improving the safety of personnel and equipment; cutting down cost input in labors

  2. Contents: energy feedback reconstruction; lighting system upgrading

    Advantages: wide applicability, high energy saving rates, quick return, helpful to green economy

  3. Contents: frequency converter maintenance upgrading; remote monitoring and reporting service upgrading

    Advantages: professional technical guarantee and support ensure reasonable and convenient equipment maintenance programs and improve safety and reliability

  4. Contents: quick reform of diversified demand; anti-swing system upgrading; control system upgrading; automatic location system upgrading

    Advantages: greatly improving the customer’s operating efficiency and operating safety and reliability in high-density space, meeting the process requirements for high-accuracy location, and prolonging the lifecycles of cranes and parts.

Spare Parts

In your operating the equipment, you may be agonized about the failure to purchase spare parts or about the manufacturer’s failure to provide spare parts when the equipment shuts down because of a fault. Eurocrane’s headquarters and its central areas nationwide have adequate, quality, and certified spare part inventories ready in their warehouses, greatly increasing the customer’s capacity utilization and alleviating the customer’s worries.

Training Center

Eurocrane provides you with complete training programs.
The training includes: product training/safe operation training/ equipment maintenance training/ technical knowledge training/training of standards, laws and regulations

Well equipped, Eurocrane’s training center provides you with all-around training programs. Continuing widening training contents by hands-on operation, it will ensure all participants completely achieve the training objectives and improve your personnel’s capacity of safe and efficient operation and maintenance, thus to improve the production efficiency and create higher values for you. We can customize training programs according to your actual demand.

Annual Inspection

Crane operation always puts safety in the first place. Strictly obeying national laws and regulations is the basic requirement. Our service teams will provide comprehensive annual inspection services to meet the requirements of national laws and regulations such as GB/T 5905 and GBT 6067.1-2010. We will help you improve the application safety factor of your equipment, allowing you to rest assured and focus on production.

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