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Waste Disposal

With many years of experience and professional technical skills, Eurocrane provides support for the operators of waste disposal facilities. Our cranes are used for fuel storage and mixture as well as fuel supply for furnace production lines. They have made enormous contributions to reducing the fast-growing waste in the world. The hoisting equipment is custom-built so that it can meet different customers’ requirements.

  1. Military Industry
  2. Aeronautics and Astronautics
  3. Food/ Pharmaceutics
  4. Nuclear Power/Energy
  5. Tunnel Shields
  6. Wind Power
  7. Automobiles
  8. Waste Disposal
  9. Paper-making/Pulp
  10. Engineering Machinery
  11. Rail Transit
  12. Metallurgy
  13. Petrochemical Industry
  14. Ships
  15. Metal
  16. Mining

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